Is it OK to use wet/dry filters on a FOWLR?


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I'm thinking of doing a 6' FOWLR/aggressive tank this summer, most likely a 180 or 135, not 100% positive yet. I'm hoping to simplify it quite a bit compared to my 120g BB reef.

So far, I'm thinking of a Volitans Lionfish, some sort of trigger, a tang, and possibly my non-reef safe Flame Angelfish (he's only 3-4" right now, think he'd get picked on?).

So anyways, is it OK to use a wet/dry on a FOWLR tank? Or do you guys think they should be avoided at all cost.
You'll be fine with the wet dry . As far as the flame angel goes he should be alright as long as you pick the right size of tank mates for your set up .
Excellent, thanks mitzel.

I'm debating between this FOWLR or a dart frog tank. I'll have to do some more research. Hopefully this summer I'll be able to work 40 hours a week (can't work more than 18 now... stupid child labor laws).
we use wet-dry's sometimes at the shop I work at. In fact, our display tank (76 gal half circle) has a wet-dry on ir. they work fine IMO.
I use one on my 300g. I have a high bio load. I swear by them I have allot of LR in the tank also. Nitrates are not a problem in the tank from the wet/dry at all. Just have a huge skimmer and good water changes and you will be fine.