Is It Possible To "Sun" Burn Your Corals and Anemone?


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Is it possible to "sun" burn soft corals (zooanthids) and anemones (specifically Condilectus)?

I have a BioCube 8 with compact actinic and 10000K lighting.

My lighting schedule:
1- actinic on for an hour
2 - both actinic and 10000K on for 6 hours
3 - actinic on for another hour (evening)
4- the lunar lights on (LED).
All together my lights are on for about 8 hours a day, not including my LEDs

Should I leave just only the 10000K on without the actinic?
My corals actually did look burnt this afternoon and my Condilectus is getting brown tips (but I heard this is normal for Condy's since they are supposed to be brown and not white).


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What kind of wrasse??? You will need to know what lighting they came from but your PC's shouldn't cause a problem. Your condy turning brown is a good thing.


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From my limited knowledge and experience I would say it's not possible to "sunburn" corals in the sense that they are exposed to too much UV light. From my understanding, photosynthetic corals simply produce more pigment within their tissues to block out any additional UV light that is not needed or could be damaging.
There is the possibility that a coral could bleach if not properly acclimated to high intensity lighting, but I have not had any experiences with this phenomenon. I believe with PC lighting on your schedule you will not have any issue with "sunburning" corals or overexposure to UV light.


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You will not burn your sofe coral or anemone. However one thing I would change for your setup is to leave your 10000k for 8 to 10 hours