Is my 150 gallon marine predatory tank over stocked?

lost1st manty:(

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I have 1 10 inch snowflake moray
1 5 inch volitan lionfish
1 5 icnh spotted panther grouper
1 3 inch humu huma triggerfish
1 5 inch yellow tang
1 4 inch porcupine puffer
1 5 inch green bird wrasse
1 4 inch hifin snapper
1 3 inch spotted goatfish
1 2 inch domino damsel
1 3 inch blue velvet damsel
2 very small hermits( only come out at night early morning as to avoid trigger and puffer and moray)

I have a 220 gallon wet dry filter
I have a 225 capacity portien skimmer
225 gallon ultraviolet uv sterilizer
I hanging magnum canister pumping 250 gallons an hours filled with metrix medium
I vaccuum after every messing feeding and do regular water maintenance /changes ect ect equaling 10 percent a week or 15 gallons of water which makes it that i change 40 percent water every month. I also use 2 aerators on each end of the tank with airstones for improved airation oxygen levels and water movement and constanly changing directions of my filter outakes as to hit any dead spots in tank, and considering adding a few rotating
powerjets like you see in reefs , i am only 6 months into the hobby and am very dedicated, I DO NOT OVERFEED MY PREDATORS!!!!!!!!!!! LION ONCE ever 2-3 days until his belly is slightly round , grouper same, and puffer, and eel,snapper everyday randomly skipping days, trigger 2-3 times a day small light varied feeding same with tang, damsels green bird wrasse, every 2-3 weeks may skip a day with these guys. LIKE I SAID I AM ONLY IN THIS FOR 6 MONTHS AND SPEND ALL OF MY FREE TIME AND EXTRA MONEY CARING FOR THESE GUYS!!!!I have to constantly keep myself in my fishes shoes being held captive in an enclosed limited space marine tank. I am essentially their God you could say and take this responsibility very seriously. looking for every edge and advantage in doing this to make them most happy and healthy. I added these guys very slowly bulding up my tanks cycle adding the species exactly how reccomended by members of this forum , I do not and will not feed my predators live feeder fish of any form or type , occasionally ghost shrimp fed stuffed with spiralina flake for added nutrients for my predators, I have over 30 different flake, pellet granules frozen , prepared , freeze dried foods, i add zoe marine and zelcon to soak in alternating with both and one and the other,I am trying to establish a thriving culture of green algea for my omnivores but having truoble with overloads of ugly black brown and red slime algea, i am going to get a reverse osmosis water treatment system to help with this and eventually going to try and culture and grow it successfully in my sump as well. I then next going to build a back up generator life support system in case of long term power outage, as thats is my biggest concern and insecurity right now only having a backup aerator which i read is fine for a few hours but ultimatley all of the water in the sump will become toxic killing the fish in the tank.I love Reef Central thanks for all for your help and suppport thus far as I have not lost a fish to date!!! knock on aquarium glass!!!!! though my fiancee keeps checking to see if I am growing gills!!!!!! :)
You'll be fine for about 9 months then it's down hill from there.
Filtration wise your great, but Panthers and your particular Snapper grow to just under 2 feet. Panthers eat any fish they can fit in their mouth so you can say goodbye to your damsels. Volitan,Wrasse,Goatfish all can grow to be a Foot long . I personally know that Volitan and Panthers are very fast growers. Im guessing the Snapper is also a fast grower since it attains 2' in lenght, but i've been wrong before. Porcupines puffer can grow to be 1' 1/2" big. Picasso and Yellow tang can grow to 9". Of course all these sizes are estimates for full size wild specimens so you can knock a couple inches off for fish in captivity. You still end up with about 10 feet of total fish lenght. What's your tank lenght? 6 feet im guessing? That will be one cramped tank if you ask me, with alot of unhappy fish. My advise for you would be to seriously start making plans for new homes for some of your fish.

Just my 2 cents.
Yeah I was thinking that if I got if I had to get rid of a 2 or 3 of the monsters it would be ok when they got overly huge, probably the grouper and snapper maybe the puffer too but I like him alot, the fish shop said i can sell them on consignment and get 30 percent for them if and when they sell, otherwsie maybe donate them to the atlanta aquarium or give them to someone who has a particulary extremely huge tank with predators, thanks
i say get rid of the grouper and snapper too, then you should be fine. the damsels will probally get eaten eventually though.