Is my brand new 120G Perfecto with Corner Flow bad?


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Is it normal for a glass tank to sit in an arc like position? The said tank is 120g (48*24*24) Perfecto with plastic trim. Front to rear inlcuding 4 corners are sitting flat on stand while the middle arc up (a big gap in the middle)

I double checked the steel stand to see wether it's a flat surface with the use of big peice of glass that i have lying around. Indeed it's flat enought and nothing like a gap that you can put your little finger through.

I was thinking to myself, even with the help of plywood and foam that tank gonna fail. Has anyone seen something like this before?

Also, this is brand new tank and I already see some tiny bubbles lines in the seams. Are these seams gonna fail such as panel splits?

It seems to me that this brand new Perfecto tank is in stress condition. I haven't filled it with water.


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Ok put in up again on stand with some pink rigid foam. I use a leveler and put it up against the bottom plastic trim. Here are the result photos of front and back side of tank. DO you think this is a recipe for disaster?





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sorry to see that i would take it back, but thanks for posting i am buying a new 90g i never thought to even look at that area. i will now double check it before it leaves the store. Thanks


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I think this is very common with the plastic trim aquariums. I know my 150 All-Glass is on a metal stand and I can slide a sheet of paper starting about 12" from one end to about 8" of the other end. In other words, of the 72"L, only 20" is actually sitting on the stand. All four corners are level and this tank has been set up for 18 years, no problems!
I remember seeing a previous reply on another thread that showed that the deflection of the glass would be MUCH less than the deflection of wood. Glass tanks can essentially just rest on the four corners, assuming the corners are level.
I suspect finding a plastic trim tank with absolutely level trim would be difficult. I would put some of the styrofoam sheeting under the tank next time I set it up, but so far, so good.

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Maybe i am just so paranoid about this. But a peice of paper is like 1/256" while in my situation it's like about 1/8" (a third of glass thickness).

There's no such perfect thing. Of course everything has tolorance when it comes to manufacturing. And how much tolerance would it be in an acceptable range?