Is my cycle complete?


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75Gallon with 40kg cured LR been cycling for 26 days now. Started cycling with a shrimp. Now ghost feeding. Current parameters are as follows:
Ammonia: 0
Nitrites: 0
Nitrates: 0.2 for a week now

Is my cycle complete? If yes, what should I do next?

Oh and I use RO water

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did ammonia and nitrites ever exceed 0? if yes and back down to 0 then tank has cycled.
but nitrates being at 0.2 kinda makes me wonder. after cycle nitrates should be much higher than 0.2. how r u measuring nitrates? what kit?


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Sorry forgot to mention maximum readings:

Ammonia: max 0.5 in first week
Nitrites: max 5 ppm in first week
Nitrates: max 50 ppm in first week

After first week all three readings have been coming down steadily. Using sera tests for ammonia and nitrites. Salifert for nitrates.

I'm using a reef octopus nw110 skimmer in 25gallon sump with refuge.


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It would seem that this stage of your cycle is complete..I say this stage because some and I am beginning to believe from what I have read, that the algae phases most people get is part of the cycle also..

As far as what you should do next..Are you seeing any algae? if so, start getting some CUC in want to add them first.

once you have the last of the CUC in there, then you can start thinking about Qting fish, make a list of fish that you would like to have and post all your tank info in the sticky to check your fish list(if you can't find it I or someone will get the link for you) and steve will let you know if you have a good list of stock or not(If I were you I would take is recommendation)..