Is my plan okay?


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So, here are the notes I have made for myself for a 75 gallon salt water fish and easy to take care of coral tank. Would someone glace over it and point out any flaws?
  1. My house has an addition so there is a open window between my kitchen and entry way. Build breakfast bar/aquarium stand into kitchen/entryway window. (done)
  2. Buy 25lbs dried live rock online. (done)
  3. Fill tank with sand, some salt, 2/3 RO water and a frozen shrimp. (done)
  4. Measure density of water and add salt until hits 1.018.
  5. Turn on heater, buy and place 25lbs live rock at local store.
  6. Remove shrimp after 2 days.
  7. When live rock comes in, spray off with hose then place in RO water for a few days before adding to tank.
  8. After a week start testing, once nitrates are at 0 and the other tested levels are in a normal range add first fish.
  9. Start weekly water changes and water tests.
  10. Add protean skimmer
    1. Maybe build a shelf below bar and add a sump since you can see both sides of the tank. Maybe two pipes would look better then then protein skimmer. Place a live rock, some sand, heater and skimmer in sump.
    2. Or add it to the main tank.
  11. After a week add "clean up crew".
  12. After a week add another fish a week. I am thinking
    1. Ocellaris clownfish
    2. Semi Picasso Percula Clownfish
    3. Azure Damselfish
    4. Yellowtail Damselfish
    5. Royal Gramma Basslet
    6. Flame Angelfish
  13. Research easy to take care of corals and add one a week.