Is My temp to high?


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My temp has been between 81-83 degrees. Is this a problem? Will it not help the growth of my corals and zoos? Most of my corals are doing well but I do seem to see that soft corals like my colt coral are regressing! I don’t know if it is the temp or what. I check my tank water parameters almost every other day. All parameters seem to be fine.


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I don't see a problem with 81-83. The problems really lie when you start having large day/night temperature swings. A constant temp is most important...

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I agree with InLimbo.

My tank's upper range is 84 in the summer.
84 is tolerable, the big problem is justthat's it's very close to being over the limit.


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Whats your nitrates? I ask because bacterial growth is much faster in warmer temperatures. Lower temp may slow down the degradation of organcis. Slowing the rise in nitrates and maybee help anoxic bacterias lower them.


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yeah your temp is okay but if your seeing a sudden issue that has popped up since excessive temps then i would blame temp but dont coralate something without good evidence. the day your temp went high you should of seen an issue almost immediatly ...not weeks later. if you always kept your temp high have had no issues then this is something else.