Is putting a pearly jawfish in a QT really necessary?


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I have seen people put their jawfish in a QT, but I've read that they aren't prone to diseases. I think it would be stressful for a burrow digging fish to not have any sand in a QT. Like I said in the title of this thread, is it really necessary?


Perhaps owing to their sliminess, burrowing habits, and predatory pressure (the weak one's get eaten quickly) the Jawfishes are remarkably disease free and infection resistant. Professional collectors administer freshwater dips of 3-5 minutes duration as a preventative.

If necessary for treating tankmates, opistognathids are not sensitive to requisite 0.15 ppm free copper. These species are very hardy overall.

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I would still qt it. When I quarantined my wrasse, I just put a little tupperware container full of sand in the tank. He could sleep in there, but I could still observe him and would have been able to treat him if he needed it.

Up to you though.