Is Something wrong with my Clown or is he just Dumb?


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Hello everyone, I am new to saltwater, I have had a freshwater tank about a decade ago but nothing since then. I set up a tank about 4 weeks ago, and it finished cycling the other day so I bought a pair of (i think, <1.5 in) juvenile ocellaris clowns at my local LFS.

I'm kinda worried one of them may have an issue, and have been searching online forums, articles etc. and I'm hoping he may just be dumb.

Here are my tank parameters :
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 10
pH ~8.2
Salinity 1.024

(I know my tank was fully cycled because I have been testing everyday for a month. Ammonia peaked around 1 ppm, same with Nitrite).

Here is a video of him. He eats when I feed, but only if the food comes by him. He acts like there is a super strong current, but the other clown does just fine in the same areas. I haven't really noticed much sign of disease. When I had him in the bag acclimating he would lay down on his side on the bottom of the bag but hasn't done that since.

He just sits like this most of the day, swimming at an angle. Will play in the current from the powerhead and let it blow him around as well. I think my other clown is going to be the dominant one as it is a little mean to this one.

Sorry if it's a stupid question and he is obviously fine, I just have bad anxiety :)


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It's hard to tell from the video. Your clown looks like it is "struggling" against the current, which could indicate a problem. It might also be swimming into the current to help get water/oxygen across its gills, as it may have had gill damage from ammonia somewhere along the line.

Not much you can do at this point except wait it out.