Is the ATB 840 enough skimmer for my set up?


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I am in the process of setting up a 140g sps tank. It will be medium-heavy stocked. Will be running the trigger systems 36" cyrstal elite sump/fuge. Tank will be bare bottom but will be running a dsb in the fuge. So the question is will the ATB 840 be enough skimmer for me. The skimmer section is 15.5x12.5 so the 1050 won't fit, so the only other options with atb for me are the elegance 200 with the pump inside the skimmer body or the deluxe 8.5. I prefer not to go the bubble king route since the red dragon pumps are so expensive to replace if it breaks down, which they all do in some time. Thanks for any input.
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The Atb 840 v2 will work great.the psk 1000 Is a great pump and will handle your setup nicely