Is the MP60 too much FLOW???


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Hey guys,
I have a 48L x 18W x 24H tank. I was wondering is this too much pump for my mixed reef tank? Getting more into SPS though. Let me know what you think.

P.S. Currently running 2 mp40w's and a maxijet mod 1200. Don't want too many powerheads in my tank so that's why I want to go with just one MP60.



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i would say so if u going with mp40 and mp 60 .. .. come on over and i can show you how strong they are..


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Well my cousin is going to let to me try out his mp60 on my tank and see if I like it or not. Maybe I just need to clean my wetsides... =(


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I don't think so!
Your cousin tank have so much powerhead in his 48" long tank
Including TUNZE 6205 and mp60 . Without any issues


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There's no rule that says it has to be on 100% power... give it a try if ya have one to test out on your tank!