Is there a problem mounting reflectors like this (pic included)


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I've never mounted a reflector before, is there a problem mounting them like the the photos below?

The reason i need to put the bulbs facing outward is because the glass slides out towards the mogule.

If I mount them like the photo will there be any problems with light spread?

Should i position them evenly in canopy or place them closer towards the center?






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there shouldnt be a dark spot if thats what you are wandering those reflectors are bad a$$ i really dont see any problem if you were taking a par measure at the bottom im sure it would be close to the same......those relfectors will light a broad spectrum...


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Thats how I have mine, however mine are diy lumenarc minis. On a 58 gallon.

How close to the water are you? I wouldnt run the glass on them personally!



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No they are for my new 90 I'm setting up.

As of right now the bulbs will be 9inches off the water which is why I wanted the glass to proect the reflectors/bubls


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Does using just MH bulbs give you a ballanced spectrum? I am running 1 MH, but it also has actinics


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There is no need to use glass under your single end bulbs.

I figure at almost $150 a fixture + $65 a bulb the glass can't hurt. I realize it will reduce light but I feel a little reduction is worth it to protect the fixture/bulb.


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My 250s are about 6" off the water with no glass and never a problem. Personally because of the light loss I'd skip the glass.