is there a reefcentral for reptiles????


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im thinking about setting up another tank.... but filled with like lizards, frogs and turtles.... but im not sure if i can mix them all.

does anyone know if there is a reefcentral type board for reptiles?


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Yes, true indeed. Basking spot lamps are the only method that's acceptable for lizard thermoregulation. Heated rocks are pretty dangerous.
Anyway, I know I have searched herp forums before and there are some out there. Just like a reef, please do your homework before mixing herps. If you want a "community" herp enclosure that's really cool looking and full of plants and whatnot, I would recommend arrow poison frogs.
Most popular lizards have specialized husbandry needs and should be in species only enclosures, such as Iguanas, chameleons, bearded dragons, anoles, geckos, water dragons or monitors.
I did keep a 60 gal. tank fully planted with green anoles, long tailed grass lizards, and a white dumpy tree frog and that was really cool.
Sorry for being "off reef topic"
Just google a herp forum and go nuts
Happy herp keeping!


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Not really too many lizards, turtles and amphibians you can mix successfully IMO. Better to go with a species tank. is another good site for amphibians.