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This person is selling a 72 gallon bow and I was wondering if you guys/girls think this is a good deal?

asking $600 comes with tank, stand light, amiricle trickle filter, magnum 350 canister filter, SPR 9 protein skimmer, day/night timer, 48" 260 coral life Lunar aqua light less then 1 year old, all pumpsand extra parts needed to have an instant salt water tank setup. Complete list can be found on craig's list.
All I can say is I easily spent $2000.00 dollars on set up and is in good condition.


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MMM...not sure. I got a 72bow with stand, Mag 7, 2 stealth heaters and a 29g sump for $225.

The Coral Life goes for about $200 new. Not sure about the skimmer.

I've never been a fan of "packages". While they come cheaper, you end up modifying what goes into your tank based on what you got. But it depends on what you want to do with the tank.


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Call around. Check your lfs and see how much a new 72g bow tand and stand costs. I think mine was approx. $500. It's been a while...


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It doesn't sound like a bad deal .. but I always thought 1/2 the fun of the hobby was to put it together yourself?

A lot of those items I don't know of personally -- but doing research and learning about what to buy makes you more knowledgeable in this hobby -- and there is a need for that.

If you were to buy a 'package' you may encounter a problem and have no clue where to start.

I paid 350 for my 72 gallon w/stand, with mag 12 return pump, 30Watt lights and one power head.

Is the tank in good/great condition? make sure to see it clean and look for scratches in the glass.

When a tank is dirty it can sometimes hide the scratches.

good luck.


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I bought an Oceanic 72 gallon w/built-in overflo and stand for $700.00 alone, maybe I got took I was and still am a newbie. Who cares I'm rich!!!!! LOL hahah..... just kidding!!


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The Oceanic tank and stand costs more than the AGA one... I have the AGA one because the stand had bigger access doors, but the Oceanic looks better.