Is this a Mantis Shrimp?


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Hi guys,

I'm thinking this is a Mantis shrimp. I'm curing some new live rock and saw him at the front of the tank so I scooped him out and put him in another small tank.

Can you guys help ID?
from the looks of it im gona say yes but im nto positive can you get a closer side shot?,Chris
I read your other post too, and I think its a mantis, that you should get info on them, set up your 2 gallon, and go to the grocery store to get some shrimp food...
they are AWSOME!!! my lil guy has been out and about bigtime, and he is the most interesting fishy type thing i have ever seen... they're even interactive!!!
just throw in a piece of LR w/holes in it for him to live in, some snails and hermits for him to bash around (unless its a spearer, then you will have about 100 people asking you for it) and watch him have fun, fun FUN!!!!
(btw, I love my mantis)
It is definitely a mantis shrimp. It looks like a Chorisquilla, but I can't tell the species. My guess is that it is from Fiji or somewhere else in the western Pacific.

These species typically do not grow very large - 2 inches tops - and they are quite secretive. They tend to take small prey from the water column.