Is this an Appleberry Montipora


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It does...but it also look almost like a carbon copy of this one:

Confusing stuff coral identification ;)

I agree with maskinsmyg, it is the closest to Montipora capitata.

To help clarify between the Appleberry Monti and M. capitata, you will have to realize the difference between a show name and a species name and where they are appropriate.

IMO to call a coral by a show name like Appleberry it must have lineage from the original Appleberry Montipora. With out lineage to the original, then a species name is more appropriate then falsely renaming a coral with an established show name. If you cannot find a species name, the most appropriate would be to find the closest resemblance of a species and to add "cf." in the name to represent confer. Ex; Montipora cf. capitata. If you do not feel like finding the species but do not want to lie about the name either then insert color followed by general coral name. Ex; Green Monti.


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Thanks a lot for the great explenation Frick! I realize I have been going about this thing the wrong way! :eek:


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No problem. That is just my opinion and I hope it could be others to prevent even more confusion.