Is this Dry Rock ok for my tank?


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So i just passed by my LFS and they were selling this dry rock for less than a dollar a LB and i purchased a couple of bif pieces then broke them off to a couple of smaller rocks.

My brother also purchased to dry rock and now they're starting to get coraline growing on them but i know he got tonga shelf and i have no idea what kind they are so before i put them in my tank i want to make sure they're safe for saltwater.


Heres a closeup of a piece


Anyways i pressure washed them so they're nice and clean.

thanks in advanced.!!


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I used a pressure washer and some "high quality H2ohh"
no chemicals

the rocks have this yellowish tint that wont come off.

i cant wait to aquascape tomorrow.


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hey guys, im wondering since my tank has new live sand and dry rock, when is it safe to begin adding livestock??

will i get a diatom bloom in a couple of weeks?



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Verify they didn't come out of a fish only tank that was dosed with copper before you start reefing on them... that seems pretty cheap.