Is this good placement? Along with other ?s

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I just picked up two loose mushrooms for 1/4 of what they wanted for a rock covered mushroom.

It isn't attached to a rock & I didn't think to get any super glue. What I did was I put it into a crevice on one of my rocks in what seems to be a low flow area. I did the same thing with the other mushroom, but on another rock.

It's not jammed in there, it's just sitting in there. It seems to have opened up more since I've had it home.

It's placement is about halfway up my 20g tall under a Coralife 65w light. It'll be getting 12 hrs of light per day.


-Is that going to be a good spot for it?

-Can anyone ID it? I didn't realize there were so many different types.

-They are completely photosynthetic, correct? If not what will I have to feed it?

This should be a fine spot for it. I would just make sure there is no flow that is going to pick it up from there and let it sit for about a week. It should attach to the rock with no problems at all. That is your typical Discoma sp. mushroom... should do fine in your tank and will probably spread pretty easily. These are completly photosynthetic as far as I can tell, I have never seen one eat anything.
Cool. Thanks for the reply.

The one has opened up more.

I moved the one that isn't pictured & in the process it got lost in a piece of rock so I had to siphon it out. Now it's on another piece of rock just above the one pictured. It seems shriveled up now, but I'm assuming that's just from the stress of me basically loosing it & then finding it & then siphoning it out of my tank, then trying to find somewhere else for it to sit.