Is this ICH on Sailfin Tang tail fin?


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I hope I'm just being paranoid as I just lost 2 fish in quarantine (goby and flame angel) to what I'm pretty certain was ICH. I'm new to the hobby and didn't start the malachite green treatment early enough.

Now I'm worried I could have gotten a small amount of quarantine water into display tank when I feed frozen shrimp to both quarantine and display. I used the same spoon and realized the next day that I could have gotten a small amount of water from quarantine into display by doing this (not sure).

The sail fin tang seems fine along with all other fish so far. But I then noticed these small white specks on tailfin of tang. They could have always been there. Just curious what others think.

Thanks for feedback!


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It looks like ich to me. Usually the fins are the first place to see it. I have been through 2 rounds of ich. My purple tang had it this past time and I did the same thing as you not thinking and spread it to my 40 breeder. Lost 5 fish because of being worn out from work and not thinking.