Is this light strong enough?


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will. i literally just ordered the 24" version of that light off the bay. same Odessy company and same seller...i think the only thing i could ask more for, would be the built in timer which ur 2nd choice had...depends on ur trigger finger! do u take the shot at $80 and get a timer of some sort, or spend the extra $20-$30 and have the timer on it...ur call its ur tank..


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The timer feature is really nice, plus it has legs for mounting on the tank. I using the cheaper fixture with the wires at the ends and had to get mounts (from a Hagen Glo T5HO fixture) to suspend it above the tank - my tank was too narrow to accomodate the legs on the one with the timer (or I would've put that one over the 12 long).

The timer fixture has one plug for everything, you control 2 bulbs at a time, or all four, or just the moonlights from the control pad - it's a nice feature. For the slim fixture with the wires at the ends, you have 3 plugs - 2 bulky ballasts, each controlling 2 bulbs, and a separate plug for the moonlights. It's sleek but the extra plugs/ballasts is the trade off, plus no timer.

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The timer is great until it stops working, then your out a light. I like how the ATI fixtures have one cord that splits into two so you can have them each on timers.
Having a warranty and a compony that backs it is worth a lot to me, aqua traders isn't well liked when problems arise.
Fishneedit may not be the highest quality but at least you get a six month warranty where they will send you a box with a pre paid shipping label if you have a problem or don't want it, will fix it or send a new fixture and ship it back to you on their dime. 4 bulb fixtures are like $130 or something