is this pinched mantel?


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how do you tell for sure

ive post picks on my clubs site take a look at pics plese and let me know what you think

he's been in tank since the fall with no issues. first time ive even been worried about him.
recently added phoslock im researching but one post ive found mentioned phosphate removers can cause pinched mantel. any articles anyone knows about where i can read on this would be apreciated.


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doesn't look like PM, but it is impossible to say without seeing the mantel. looks more like a parameter problem or being harassed, can you post all your water parameters and tank occupants?


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Tank inhabitants
purple tang
yellow tang
engineer goby
royal gramma
2 firefish
2 clowns
cleaner shrimp
mushrooms, zoos and some sps
have not seen anyone bother either of my two clams
new clam only in tank for a week or so definatly not as affectted but showing some signs of not opening as much will check him tomorrow and see if better or worse. ive been in the tank to much today could just be freaked by me

everything fine until last week. added phosban reactor and pura nitrate lock-- nitrates always hovered around 10-20 wanted to get them to 0 for once. less than a week later i dont know if either of them caused my problem or not.
today ive removed both readded carbon instead in the phosban reactor, and im preparing a decent size water change. been told by others does not appear to be pinched mantle. im going back to the two changes ive made and gonna work the problem backwards.

amm 0 hagen
nitrite 0 hagen
nitrate 5 hagen
sal 1.026 refract
ph 8.0 salifert
po4 .03 or less salifert
kh 7.7 salifert
calcium 460 salifert
temp 78


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oops forgot some inhabitants
2 blue chromis
2 large brittle stars
varius small crabs and snails

leaning more and more torward the nipping aspect or a phoslock (never had good luck with this type of stuff)

any ideas how to catch the nipping fish or quess on who it may be


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probably one of the tangs, they are grazers and can really bother a clam. don't convict them just yet though :)

i am not familiar with the absorption materials your using but they may be playing a part in the problem. removing them and replacing with carbon is a good idea.

keep an eye on the fish and continue with your water changes and see what happens. does the clam open up at all any more?


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yep he is opening better today now

unsure if it was the removal of the media or i did place him in a bowl to shield him from pests from below and make it harder for fish to nip
so far looking better today