Is this really an hairy mushroom?


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hi everyone,

I finally finished cycling my tank and went to the LFS. I asked the guy from some easy to grow soft corals/mushrooms and came home with these guys. I was told they were hairy mushrooms but when I googled around, they looked more like Ricordea. Can anyone tell me how to differentiate between the two?

Thanks a bunch!

PS: he also sold me some blastomussa which I found out are definitely not soft corals. :crazy1:


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Toss up to my noob eye. I could see how they might be hairy if they are super small/cut back and ****ed. Both are easy. Wait a few weeks and post another pic.

I lean on the hairy possibly because at least on left, the bulbs look more unevenly sized with a body beneath same color as mine.

But sounds like you need a new LFS possibly if they are selling LPS/SPS as softs.


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Yes, well sort of. It's definitely a mushroom/yuma. How you classify it can be a bit arbitrary (like naming zoos). Nice specimen.


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This is what my purple and green hairy mushroom look like.


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Not sure if that is a hairy mushroom or not, but that does not quite look like a ricordea. Ricordeas projections look more like bumps, whereas what you have look more like extensions. So, maybe it is a hairy mushroom after all.

Here are a few ricordea pics from my tank:





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Through my own research, I found out that the Neon Green Hairy Mushroom also look quite like the one that I have but having not seen it or the ricordea in real life, I'm still not sure. :headwalls:

Thanks everyone for the replies, greatly appreciated.