is this the right silicone?


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GE silicone type 1 kitchen and bath ? or the window and door? i know the type 2 has the anti mildew and mold chems in it


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yup the only difference between Home Depot silicone (w/o mold inhibitor) and "aquarium Sealant" silicone is $$$$$$$. well that, and the cheap stuff comes in a large handy tube!


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look on the label - as long as it does not have the mold/mildew inhibitors you are good to go

Actually I've been told there has to be a certain amount of the mold inhibitor for them to HAVE to label it, and some may still have some, just not labeled.
GE 1 WINDOWS AND DOORS is what you want


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its the ge silicone 1 that you want. if you buy another brand just make sure its 100% silicone w/o any additives.


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I have found out that the DAP 100% silicone in the blue tube is the exact same as All Glass silicone.

It also matches thier (DAP'S) aquarium silicone.

This is all per the MSDS sheets.