Is your stand too small for equipment you want?


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RC Mod
Try this idea: get a second stand from the ding-and-dent sales that occasionally happen at major chain stores when a model gets discontinued: they'll sell the floor sample for a bargain. Set it up beside your tank and use it for counter space, a table, video cabinet, etc, and stuff the underneath with the sump/refugium, skimmer, reactor, etc that wouldn't fit your cabinet.

Keep your ballasts and electronics, timers and other gear nice and dry in the under-tank area. Camouflage your connecting hoses with a speaker cabinet or sitabout, or just the proximity of the table to your tank. If you have a long run of hose to your tank, you might need to go from a mag 9.5 pump to a mag 12, maybe.

This can turn a tank from an uncivilized-looking pile of gear, nets, food cans, surrounding a perpetually half-open stand into a nice piece of furniture next to another nice piece of furniture with nothing showing.