ISO: Acrylic info / My old corals.


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1: Does anyone know of any Norman stores which sell aquarium-friendly acrylic?

From what I've heard cast acrylic is the best way to go, but I have no earthly idea whether cast acrylic can be purchased at Lowes/Home Depot... hence my query to those more knowledgeable than I. I need an 18x24x1/4" sheet.

Basically this is going to create a very awkward custom refugium to attach to a 2gl hex. When finished it will make the external shape of the tank that of a flat-back hex (and increase the water volume by a good bit as well).

2: At the end of '05 or beginning of '06 I broke down my 5gl nano-reef just due to not devoting the time I SHOULD have to it's care. The entire thing was given to April. I have pretty much been unable to reach her since (I've heard she left the hobby) and am thusly curious as to the fate of those corals.
I've got a new nano going and very seriously miss some of the corals that were in it.

I'm not trying to get the entire colony back, but rather locate where they may have gone, and to see if I could arrange to get a -small- frag.

The main coral I'm looking to get a frag of was either a zoanthid or palythoa (leaning toward palythoa) and resembled this morph: Purple Fission

The other coral I am merely interested in the fate of. It was a large (7" or so. I thought it was a plain red shroom when I purchased it and it -exploaded-.) Elephant Ear rhodactis. I really loved that coral (I called it "the blob") and am just hoping it's done well over the last couple of years.

Any help would make me quite gleeful.


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You can get 18" x 24" x 1/4" sheets of plexiglass at Lowes in the glass and door section at Lowes. I picked up two sheets the other day in Yukon. They even have the cutter, it's right next to the sheets of plexi. If you have never cut acrylic before, you'll need a couple of clamps and a flat surface/with a very flat edge. The surface and the edge will help you break them off straight, after you scribe your cutting line into the sheets. Wished I would have known this before I decided to cut my own sheets.


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Regal plastics, on Reno, is the place to go. Its around county line, near the turnpike entrance.

They have a bargain bin, but also have a $7.50 automatic service fee.



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Directions to Regal Plastics- I-40 , exit to Morgan Rd., go north to Reno, turn right. Regal is halfway between Morgan Rd. and Council Rd., on the south side of Reno. Wished I would have asked about this subject myself before I went to Lowes.


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Several months ago, April (luvabunny) was trying to sell everything she and her dad had. I don't know where it went, she wasn't getting a lot of interest. She may have taken stuff to the lfs.

Good luck.
You can pull up her profile and see if those were listed in her posts.


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gws76: From what I can recall the plexiglass/acrylic at Lowes and Home Depot are extruded acrylic. This warps and discolors really easily with constant exposure to moisture. Since the tank will be so small, and in a custom hood and stand that may not be an issue, but if I'm trying to play it safe.

pwhitby: I'm out Norman way, and probably won't be able to swing that kind of distance. I have no vehicle of my own, so I have to hitch rides with friends. Thank you for the information, though. They sell Acrylite, which is what I've been told is "the" way to go.

mskohl: I looked through her selling posts and didn't find any info on buyers. It seems that some of the coral I had (encrusting gorg/GSP-esque stuff) did well, that the Rhodactis was well and had even finally split, and that's good enough for me I suppose.
Unless they color morphed in her tank, I did not see the zoas mentioned (though they might have been the pink/white polyps she described). I'd seen her on another forum and attempted to contact her about my corals before she tore down, and had no luck (even when posting directly to her, rather than PM), so I am ever-so-slightly miffed. Oh well, we live and we learn.

If anyone DOES have the polyps resembling those linked, please let me know. I'm moving out of state soon and I'd like a crack at finding them before I go.


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I have some Purple Fission paly, but unfortunately I also have red bugs :mad2: which i have been unable to eradicate.

If you want to try to do a dip in flat worm exit and take your chances your welcome to a frag.

Maybe we could do some sort of trade?


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Well, to get down to brass tacks it goes like this: I can order a sheet online and have it -express- shipped for the price I'll have to pay driving out to Mustang and getting one.

Unless, that is, anyone knows of a shop around Norman. If you do, please let me know. Otherwise I'll be looking for an e-tailer.