issues w/ new crabs/snails


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ok everything checked out with our tank and the tank has cycled w/ live rock.
my fiance went and got a blue damsel 5 blue leg crabs and two snails
we did the proper acclimation routine and went from there and put them in. the damsel is doing very well.
both snails latched on to the side of the tank and all 5 crabs seemed quite happy.
about 15-30 minutes later both snails let go and went to the bottom and shut their selves in there shells and have not been back out. this has been about 4 hours ago.
the crabs still seem quite happy. two are cleaning the live rock two are crawling in the sand but the other has gotten out of its shell and is crawling around without it.
is this normal for the crab to get naked and the snails to shut them selves up?
all of our water levels are great and the temperature is good
is there anything i need to do?:uhoh2:


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Do you have any extra shells in your tank? hermit crabs need LOTS of extra shells. What kind of snails are these and could you please post your Nitrate level?
thanks, good luck!


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What is your salt level at?
I keep my salinity a little lower for my fowlr tank. I have had issues with snails living in it, and when I asked a couple people they said it might have something do with that, I was told snails like a salinity around 1.025 and I keep mine around 1.018. I bought a ton of snails and some still do live in my tank, but I did lose a lot of them at the beginning.