It may be a stupid question but I'm asking anyway


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Can I put a 55/60 gallon tank with its stand in a trailer without putting supports under the trailer? I think it can hold it without a problem, my fiance disagrees. I made a profile just to ask this question. I miss having my big tank.


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600 LBS give or take. That's all you really need to know. Like 3 or 4 adults standing together. What kind of trailer are you talking about?

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If you're talking about an RV trailer, no way. If you're talking about a mobile home trailer you can probably do some structural enhancement under the flooring to support the weight.


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A question for me when placing a tank is if the location is able to withstand a big leak. So the floor may hold it, and it might look terrific, but water dumping out is always in the back of my mind, as well as what humidity might do in a given area.


I had 2 55 gallon tanks with a sump under one of them in the same room in our mobile home and never noticed an issue.