It seem like I can't keep a claim in my tank


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Hi, I had an issue with keeping claim in my tank.
I had a 3 year olds 80gal reef tanks, in which I kept most soft and LPS corals. All my corals are healthy for the last 2 years, but
it does not seem like my claims are healthy at all. Almost 2 years ago, I tried to introduce a small Maxima claim in my tank and first 6 months it was doing very well and it acttually grew almost double its original size, but after that I did not see it fully opened
for a week and then it died. At that time I checked all parametters in my tank and everything look fine. A year ago, I tried to get another small maxima claim again and samething happen to this claim. I don't really know what happen? Any help?

I'm really appreciated, Here is some general parametters that I measure after the two claims died:

anmonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: ~5ppm
Phostphate: less than 0.2ppm
Sanility: 1.025
Temperature: around 79-80F

Thanks alot


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I had 2 175W Metal Halides, and 2 65 watt attinic Power Compacts.
Yes, I manually fed the clam with live zooplankton once a week.
And I fed the tank live zooplankton almost every other day.