items for quick sale! ai sols, mp10, maxspect razor, nano cube, rodi, corals!

cpt cautious

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Hey guys I'm going to germany next friday for two weeks (leaving my big @$$ roommate behind so don't try and rob me!) Lol

I want to sell some stuff before I leave so I have some extra cash. You can reach me at 650 305 1090

Blue box mp10. $100.

Maxspect razor 60w 16k $200
had this over a 20×20 frag tank. no issues with it all comes in original box with everything

5 gal aio nano cube $50
curved glass. Rimless

Aqua safe rodi. $50
4 stage with extra single compartment for di. Will need new filters as it's pushing about 8 tds

Rio 26 hf. Return pump $40

2 ai sol blue rebuild kits $120 each. (Buy both and I'll throw in a wireless touch controller and cords for it)
I upgraded them to Vegas. These are complete kits, I have the fan and power supply that nornally isn't included. All you need is a heatsink and you're running! Lights are about 1.5 years old and no led's are burnt out

I also have some zoas fragged. text me for pricing or more details (I don't want to list every frag and price here but I can tell you I'm motivated to sell!)
reverse pink elephant
Armour of god
Hawaiian Sherbert
lady vamps
Chong bong
red hornet
Purple puddle
Sakura sunrise

Also have Duncan's and neon green trumpet to


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hey bro send me a pic of that 5g nano tank. Maybe I can trick the wife into a tank in my daughters room. lol