items for sale


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I purchased all of adamwarlock13's stuff cause he needed it out ASAP. I took the items I wanted and am selling what is left. I also have a couple of my items in there as well. Here is the list.
Pick up available after this weekend, July 29th.

38 gallon AGA and oak colored pine stand with approximately 50 pounds of Live Sand $100

36" Current PC 96watt light with lunar lights and mounting legs (bulbs 6 months old) $75

Live stock
Yellow Tang $25
Coral Beauty $25
Huge Sebae anenome the size of a dinner plate $45

Approximately 40-50 pounds of Live Rock (Vanuatu, Bali, Uaniva, Tonga Branch all from Salty Critter) $100

4 Five gallon buckets of substrate. $10/each.


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Sorry, I meant to put $18 on the yellow tang and the coral beauty, not $25. Also left off the mated pair Percula Clownfish w/huge Sebae anenome they host in $125


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