items for sale


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magnavore 6ER w/package of acrylic pads $50.00 will need to buy the tune up kit for

phosban reactor with all plumbing and maxijet $30.00

jbj k-2 viper 70 watt almost new $100.00

octopus skimmer nw150 $100.00

175 watt pfo ballast only used for a few months $50.00

peacock mantis shrimp $50.00

pm me if interested will go in order to be fair

all reasonable offers will be considered....

also will be selling more equipment in the future I am upgrading to a bigger system.

gauging interest in my tank its a acrylic cube 120 gallon 3' x 4' x 16" tall
with the overflow dead center..its not for sale yet but will be in the near future..