Items FS/FT

Here is a list of the items that I have for sale or trade. As far as trades are concerned, I am looking for inverts (snails, hermits, shrimp), liverock(would like 20-30#), livesand(10-20#) , corals (softies, zoo's or LPS) or reef-safe fish.

1 Sump 31L x 14.5W x 15H $30.00 OBO

1 Pro-Clear Aquatics Wetdry/sump 19.5L x 9.75W x 15.75H $20.00 OBO

3 Oddysea PS-160 skimmers. 2 complete minus pump the third is the skimmer body and collection cup.$25.00 OBOfor the skimmer without pump, $15.00 OBO for the skimmer body.

1 Coral Life Super skimmer (at least that is what I think it is) will have to be used in sump only. $15.00

1 Cooling fan- Quad fan that can attach to tank. Comes with AC adapter $15.00

1 ¾" Sea Swirl. Does not work. Would possibly good for parts. Motor runs but does not rotate. Make me an offer.

1 CPR In Tank Refugium small version with suction cups. $10.00 OBO

1 Reef Fanatic 175 watt SE Metal Halide ballast only. $25.00 OBO + I have an old 20kXM bulb.

1 Reef Fanatic 250 watt SE Metal Halide retro. Ballast, mogul socket and batwing reflector. $50.00 OBO. I have a couple of older bulbs I will throw in. Not sure of the K rating

1 IceCap Electronic 250 watt SE Metal Halide retro. Ballast, moguls socket and batwing reflector. $50.00 OBO. I have a couple of older bulbs I will throw in. Not sure of the K rating.

1 IceCap 660 VHO retro. Ballast, wiring harness and 4 sets of Standard VHO waterproof endcaps. $60.00 OBO.

1 Dual Overflow for non-drilled tanks. 2-1" drains and 2 U-tubes. $40.00 OBO

1 Kent Float valve. $10.00 OBO

1 ABS Light shell. This is 72"L x 12"W x 4"H. This used to house a 6x96 watt PC fixture. The shell is in perfect condition. There is an opening on each end of the fixture and one exhaust fan is included. The acrylic lens is still in great shape. This would be perfect for someone wanting to do a DIY LED set up that doesn't have a canopy. $50.00 OBO

The prices are all best offer and would prefer trades. Please send me an email address if you would like pictures of anything. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to post pictures to the board. I am located in Weston and I will be attending the swap this weekend. I can bring items with me if I know I have something lined up, otherwise everything will be pick up only.
I would like to move as much of this out as possible. Shoot me offers, the worst I could do is say "no thanks". Please post here and send me a PM so that there is no questions as to who was first, if there is any interest.
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