ive got a frag of ATL pink polyp cap to trade in simi valley


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well i havent fragged it yet but its within millimeters of coming in contact with my yellow hycanthus table so im guna frag it.... i was wondering if anyone close to me would like to swap frags im going to make a crescent shaped piece off the lower part maybe 2" long by up to 1" wide just kinda straighten out the bottom edge a bit so its backed away from my table...

heres a pic let me know if u wanna swap



I can also make a frag of my idaho grape its gettin close to the glass if you have a few frags to swap



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I would love to try some!
I really dont have any frags as I am just kinda starting out. The only thing I have to trade are some Zoas- the redish ones you got me and ones that are pink. If not I would gladly pay you.

Crusty Old Shellback

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Hey Justin,
I'm interested as well. Posted yesterday but for some reason it got lost. All I have to trade right now is some greenbacks. ;)