Iwaki - American or Japanese


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Anyone have any input on these. The american powered pumps are much less (about $100), why. Should I be patriotic?, or are the japanese pumps worth the exrea money?
Thanks, Vinnie

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The Japanese pumps are better. Worth the difference depends on your value system. I think that at this time - "buying patriotic" would be a good policy for our country. You can do so without sacrificing quality if you are thoughtful and and selective and do your homework.



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Your fish and corals are not all that patriotic. They just want good water movement :lol:


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I've got an american one that's been running for almost 2 years non-stop and completely reliable.

It was used for 5 years by a friend before I got it. Anyway, from a reliability standpoint, I've been very happy with the American pump. Good power, not too noisy, and it doesn't add too much heat to the water.


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the chief engineer for iwalki now has own company.he makes blue line and pan world.they are as quiet or quiter than iwalki with the same pressure ratings.i have used them for 5 years and i am impressed.i removed an iwalki 70 and replaced it with a blue line 40 x.quieter and almost as much flow with less power consumption.


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My 1 yrs old Japanese made Iiwaki 55 solely adds 4-5 F to the tank temp and louder compare to the same age Blueline 40x.


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Your fish and corals are not all that patriotic. They just want good water movement :lol:

i agree if your going to setup a tank you want it to be best for fish and corals if not youll aonly regret it later