Iwasaki 250 watt 6500 k bulb a growing machine?


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I saw pic and the actual pieces that a friend of mine grew under this bulb and it was insane a 4by4inch monti into a basketball in a year.he ran it in the center of two 14k esv 400 watters.Im running two 14000 esv on my 90 and have had average growth I tried to hang the 250 over my sump and put my frags under it and they got fried. i only had the 250 and no 4 so it was a total change in spectrum.I kept photoperiod the same but raised the light a foot higher than my fours were over the same frags and still they fried.I want to know how can i use this bulb,can i put it in the middle of my fours and use it an hour a day and then two hours and a few days later three you get the point and start it high and slowly bring it closer after they can take the bulb all day.I rum my 4s 10 hours a day is that good?What kind of algae outbreaks can the 250 bring.Has any one used this bulb with sucsess or otherwise?Thanks for any help!