Jaebo pump sale and more. Fishstreet coupon codes


I'm an American, and I remember
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This is interesting, #2 under policy;
"Customer is require like or your Facebook first if successful to order"

I admit to never having been fluent in broken English, but the more I look at that, the more it appears that in order to get this deal, you have to like them on Facebook first?


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15% off coupon works fine. Anyone ordering something soon ? would like to save on shipping. I'm looking for twin controller


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I tried the coupon and it says expired?

Does anyone know if the twin controller packages: come with the twin controller, two pumps, and the 2 power supplies? I would assume so, or how else would they be powered?


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remember over seas the write dates in reverse expired may 6th
damn it i just have almost 400 in parts in the cart


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For those that missed the sale (like me) the dosing pump is on sale for 120. If I remember correctly they are normally 140.


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fishstreet.com is very bad quality and bad service

fishstreet.com is very bad quality and bad service

They sell garbage. Also, they shipped me several items that works only in Europe. I have no idea why they sell them to USA. I bought a regulator that doesn't fit into USA cylinder.

Seller refuses to refund. worst customer service ever.
don't buy anything from fishstreet.com
This guy Eric is the worst, he will steal your money and will never refund you. Once it is gone, it is gone for ever.