January photo contest winner


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Hey guys, my clownfish picture was one of 2 winners in RC's photo contest for January. They select 2 pics each month, and at the end of the year they'll choose 12 from the finalists to be in the RC 2008 calendar.

Here's the pic I submitted:

Thanks to everyone that voted!


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Hey gasman, if it makes you feel better, that photo is IMG_0039.JPG from my XT. That's right, just the 39th picture that I took the day I got the new camera. :D

EXIF data:
Rebel XT, EF 100mm Macro, manual exp., ISO-800, F2.8, 1/250s


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LOL we've had this talk before-ONLINE of course never in person althhough hopefully one day i'll be off long enuff to pick ur brain about this. Anyways My 30D is a great slr but no macro lens yet. Currently in the market for one , but too many hobbies too little time.
Anyways great job and congrats!


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Gratz I loved that pic, and had a tough time choosing, but after I found out you were with FMAS well it was much easier then lol.


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jessp, weren't you the one that originally told me about the photo contest? If so, I owe you a big THANKS!