JB Water Weld for scape??


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I bought some JB Weld Water Weld to use with my aquascape, Is this safe??
It does so its good for potable water tanks. Anybody use this stuff??


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Yes, I have used it, but it will make your skimmer go crazy (overflow). You may have to either turn it down or completely shut it down for a while, do a water change and then re-adjust the skimmer.


I use JB water weld all the time for attaching frags, so it's reef safe IME. It's pretty good stuff too.


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Whenever I go to Home Depot, I get 2-3 sticks of JBJ Water Weld epoxy. It's definitely reef-safe, and a lot cheaper than other aquarium-branded epoxies. The only minor complaint I have is that it's super bright white and stands out in the tank, but with time your frags and coralline algae will eventually cover or recolor it.


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+1 on the super white bright...looks like I have chewing gum between my frags and rocks, but it works A+


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This is a good product buts must agree the white kind of sucks. Although if your tank is seeded right it won't take long to cover up.