JBJ 29 HQI owners - question ??


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After about 10 years of large reefs and FOWLR I moved to Ohio, sold it all and took a 3 year vacation from reef keeping.

My wife gave me one of "those looks" over Christmas when I told her I was thinking about another tank. So....after a few pairs of shoes for my wife - I'm back!! But this time I went nano - a whole new experience. After many weeks of research, I decided on a JBJ 29 HQI nano-cube which I just bought and set up over the weekend. I'm in the process of getting some rock and then letting it cycle but have a question. What is the black plastic cap for that was included with the instruction manual??? I don't get it?

This is going to be fun - thanks to all for your many posts - I'm used to doing this on a larger scale, but am looking foward to doing it nano style!