jbj nano 24 dx?

Henry Bowman

Reefing since '87
I have a 12gl and like it for its size. If I was looking at the 24, I would be very tempted to look at the new Red Sea cube. It comes with all the mods I ended up putting on my JBJ 12. It's more expensive, of course but if I had to go back and do it again I'd have purchased the red sea.

My JBJ12 is a good unit, it came with bio balls that I yanked out, upgraded the pump to a MJ 900, changed the lighting out with a kit from www.nanotuners.com , added an ICA chilling unit and run a reefkeeper II on it to manage the lights, heater and chiller.



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I am going to end up gettin the 12. just keeping some zoas, and anthilia would be fine with the unit the way it comes right?