JCole's Glass box of Acro's(Soon to be 480 Gallon peninsula)


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Hello everyone!

My name is Josh. I have been a member here for a while but never posted a build thread. I think it is time to show my OG forum some love. I really love the new format of the site and I am glad to be back.

My current build thread is over on R2R if anyone is interested in reading up to this point. There is just too much info to post. I will do my best to keep this build thread up to date.

Here is the link to my R2R build thread if anyone is interested.

My current tank is a 150 gallon Acropora dominate system connected to my garage fish room. Right now it is a total of around 300 gallons. I ordered my new tank on Monday and it is going to be a 480 gallon Acrylic 96x48x24 peninsula tank. The builder said it could take around 10 weeks to build. I have a lot of planning and building to do ahead of me.

20220401_111123.jpgrainbow (1 of 1).JPGWD (1 of 1) (1).JPG
IMG_4453.jpgP9130345-2 (2).jpgfirecraker table 2 (1 of 1) (1).jpgWD (1 of 1)-3.JPGULTIMATE EFFLO (1 of 1)-1.jpg
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Current list of Acro's

$500 Dollar Ultimate Efflo
ASD Mystical Lord
ASD Peaches&Cream Milli
ASD Rainbow Milli
Bali Green Slimer
BC “therman’s rainbow” nasuta
BC Aquatic man table
BC Battle Stag
BC Battlejuice
BC Blue Polyp Granulosa
BC Bohemia
BC Bonfire table
BC Brain Candy Table
BC Bubblebath Unicorn
BC Dales Purple Unknown
BC Firecracker Table
BC Frankenberry
BC Heart and Soul
BC Honeycomb
BC Magic Wand
BC Pearly Cadaver
BC Rainbow Jewel
BC Rainbow-Melon Teni
BC Rainbows Army
BC Random Red
BC Reef Ready Grape Juice
BC Sanjay's Leprechauns beard
BC Secale
BC Shades of fall
BC Shortcake
BC Tubbs Mystic Blue
Big E Exteme Shortcake
Blue Cardinal
Blue Tip Nana
Blue Tip Purple Stag
Blueberry Stag
Cali Tort
Carolina Blue Tort
CB Flaming Unicorn
CB Maleficent
CC Dark Knight
CC Voodoo Majick
Easter Egg
Greg Carroll Acroberry
Greg Carroll Ultimate Efflo
Greg Hillers Aqua Delight
Incredible Hulk Stag
JF Purple Unknown Coral
JF Stag
JKR Rainbow
Miyagi Tort
Nicks Purple Passion
ORA Cliff's Acro
ORA Pearlberry
Orange Polyp Tort
Oregon Tort
Palmers Blue Milli
PB Stag
PC Rainbow
Peng's HOTO
Purple Milka Stylo
RMF Psycho Berry
RMF Red Devil Nasuta
RR Pink Cadillac
RR The Vihn
Sexy Corals Orange Passion
Spiral Cap
TCK Grapefruit
TGC Cherrybomb
TGC Orange Creamsicle
TSA Bill Murray
TSA Princess Peach
TSA Spiro the Dragon
TSA Twisted Sister
Tyree Pinky the bear
UC Bali Shortcake
UC Blue Tort
UC Blueberry Shortcake
UC Strawberry Shortcake
UFREEFER Firetruck
Unknown Bushy Acro
Unknown Green Stag
Vivid's Confetti
Vivid’s Rainbow Delight
Walt Disney
WhiteTip Stag
WTBO Raspberry Cheesecake
WWC Heartbreak


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The new system will have "old school" techniques and I am looking forward to getting back to my roots

New Hamilton 400W Bali Sun pendant systems with Radium bulbs waiting on the shelf for the new build


4 years' worth of Radium bulbs - All light systems and 4 years of bulbs still cost 1/4 of the price of Radions for this tank....just saying. Don't want any hate from this. :)

Have my salt on hand for the new build.


Upgraded the sump to a 300 gallon Rubbermaid Stock tank

Going with a venturi driven foam fractionator from RK2. So far, I am loving the storm of skimmate. Currently cycling rocks for the new tank. Will add the existing rocks to these rocks in the new system.

Ditching the sugar sand and going back to crushed coral. I had good success with it in the in the early 00's and looking forward to using it again. I have to wash out over 400lbs of it. This is going to be fun.


Currently cycling the crushed coral in 5 gallon buckets with an under gravel system set up to help with oxygenation and water flow.



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How many GPH you think
The overflow will handle?

That's a good question. I just sent the builder an email to ask them. I hope it can handle the current drain plan. I told them to drill (4) 1-1/2" holes in the bottom of the overflow. It appears they will cut (2) 1' weirs for water. They build a holder in place to put in cut sections of light diffuser for the weirs.

The return will be (2) separate pumps on 1" PVC. Each pump will run along the top left and right sides of the tank. I have (4) 1" holes every 2' on each side for locline.


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Agreed, currently running a 175w Iwasaki 10K over my 40 Breeder. When I upgrade in the future to a 75 or 120, I have enough MH bulbs on hand to light the tank for 8 years;)

I agree. I will order another couple of years' worth of bulbs in the next couple of months. Hope to have at least 6-7 years' worth of bulbs by the end of this year. This tank is a 10 year minimum tank so it would be nice to not have to worry about lighting for the next decade.


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This is what I plan for the layout of the tank. I know the design is a little cheesy but it gives an idea.

Current tank from outside the room

New tank layout plan


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Make sure you tell or ask tank builder for museum quality seems

There are different levels of tolerance for seam quality

Museum quality means crystal clear