July 2020 Pizza Night-CANCELLED!

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We're back folks! I will be hosting our first Pizza night since the madness. Join us on July 23rd. We will be meeting at The Corner Reef at 6pm to look around then to my house for wings from a local restaurant. We are going to start introducing some sort of learning aspect into our pizza nights when possible. I have some new sticks that need to make their way off of my frag racks and onto my rock. I will take any and all advice on placement based on par levels and flow in my tank. Hopefully this will help other reefers when deciding where to place coral. More info on raffle and giveaway in the near future! Reply below if you plan on coming.


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Regretfully, I won't be able to make it yet again🙁 I hope it's a great turnout and maybe I'll get there in the future. I really wanted to see those frags and help place them too.
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