Just a few ?'s


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Good Mornining,

I recently bought a used 65 gallon RR tank off a friend of mine. It was in great condition and the deal couldn't be refused. It has everything with it to get started(not the best equipment) except something for water movement, which I will probably end up getting a MP40 when i set it up.

The lighting that came with it was a current outer orbit 1x150MH and 2x96 PC. I know this lighting is sub par to have a pre-dominantly stocked SPS tank so I was wondering if adding some LEDs to the fixture if that would help step it up? I know that 1, 150 watt bulb wont be enough. Would a combo of halide and leds be ok, or should I just end up getting a whole different fixture completely?

Next, is the skimmer that came with it. It is junk, so would anyone have any good recommendations for a average stocked pre-dominantly sps tank?

Thank you for whatever help anyone can offer.