just a little fyi for ya all about me


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I passed my national masage therapy and body workers exam :D and I now have an office that I rent in Black Creek. Just had to make sure everyone knew why I was so happy. :D :D :D : :D see:D :D :D
Oh i thought it was that i sent you a frag and you ripped me off by not sending me mine just a fyi dont trader her anything she is a thief
Gotcha. Good to see they removed her address at least.

I'm trying to help out here, but there are two different stories, so I'm trying to get some clarification. There should be some shipping info and a tracking number here somewhere that should shed some light...
We were going to trade last week he said he sent it out on June 30 and I was supposed to receive it on Wednesday but still have not received it. I explained to him that I had some personal and financial issues unexpectedly come up and wouldn't be able to send it out right away like we planed and yesterday I told him I would like to cancel the trade because of the situation and that I didn't receive anything. He did not talk to me at all or try to resolve any of this one on one. Instead he has posted my personal information, has been attempting to discredit me, and has been slandering my name everywhere.
I am unsure what to do about this because of the falsehoods he has been spreading all I know is I have NEVER cheated anyone on anything.