Just bought tank/stand. Get'n ready!


I'm getting excited!:spin2:

Getting started on my first coral reef tank! I bought new...couldn't find what I wanted here and I am impatient so I went to a LFS that deals in coral reef tanks and corals(along with freshwater)and bought a 75 gal. RR tank and stand. It will arrive next week and I'm going to pick it up Friday. Can't wait.
I have a question that I don't see any posts on. For a 75 gal. tank do I need to be concerned about adding support in the basement to help with the weight of the tank?


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+1, no need to add support, just make sure the tank is level before and keep checking the level as you fill it up.


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You wont need to support the floor with a 75 even if it isnt on a concrete floor. I wouldnt worry about the floor giving until you get up to about a 120 gallon tank. Unless of course your floor joist are made of toothpicks, lol. Definitely definitely keep checking to make sure your tank is level the whole time you are filling it. It doesnt have to be super unlevel for it to eventually blow out the side of the tank from the pressure of the water all being in one corner and also the weight of the tank


Oh yes, I will put up a lot of pics and I will have a ton of questions too!:eek1:
I can't tell ya how excited I am. It's better than Christmas!!!