Just cant get my tank right


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Hi all
So I have bin in the hobby since 04 started with a 65gal non drilled with a canister filter and lots of hang on equipment. My next tank was an upgrade to a 75gal with sump and hi end equipment. This past February I started a 90 gal shallow tank and am running a vertex alpha 250, bio pellets 2 large marine pure blocks,large box of spheres, 80lbs of dry rock, the tank cycled great and was doing well till June. Then it started to regress and at this point i have killed thousands of dollars of sps and lps, and only have some Euphyllias nems and zoas left. I have carefully inspected for pests even changed all my lighting from T5s to halide/t5 combo on one end and led on the other. I have lots of flow (1 mp40 and 2 6095s). I just cant figure out whats going on.

parameters are:


Anyone have any input on what I should try next?



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Po4 Sounds high for sps. Mag is over range too but shouldn't be problematic. Have you measured par? Do you use brass fittings anywhere or suspect copper for any reason? If you have a copper kit might be worth testing just to see, especially if the equipment was used and could have been used as a qt or freshwater setup where they might have used copper meds.


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All plumbing is PVC and equipment has all bin purchased new.
I was thinking of sending out a Triton sample to see whats going on.


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Just cant get my tank right

And I assume you are checking the RO/DI waters parameters correct?

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It almost sounds like pests. Did you check for flatworms or dip your corals before adding them? It could also be stability. Check your temp swing at night and see if it is more than 2 degrees. Your Alk is slightly on the low side, might want to get that to about 9. What do you use to check salinity? Anything other than a refractometer is suspect and you should get it checked. Do you have any fish or crabs that may not be reef safe?


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I would say that your PO4 is pretty high especially for SPS.

You may want to run some GFO and do some water changes.

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Yep, as others stated. phosphate is your most likely problem, it inhibits calcification.. you want that to be close to 0, no more than .1...