Just for fun - What has been banished to your sump?


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I had a really pretty cowrie snail that decided it had an apetite for my devil's hand coral. Didnt want to get rid of him, so he keeps the sump in check :D


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I have a very nasty Tomato Clown and a Red Reef Lobster I adopted that share a sump. In another sump I have a Yellow Margin Moray I adopted as well. These sumps are quite spacious and the animals get fed like everyone else, they'd just kill everyone else if they were in the main systems. I would like to find a good home for the Tomato and the Moray though..... any takers?..... didn't think so.


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A hermit crab that likes to eat polyps from my favorite purple polyp montipora.

I removed him from that monti at least 12 times in a row before I banished his behind. I even un-banished him once a month ago, and he went right back to his favorite spot! grrr.


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I have banished multiple mantis shrimp, several gorilla crabs, a mithrax that liked polyps, several whelks, and a bad blenny. I just recently had to change out my sump and all I found were 2 gorilla crabs, a few whelks and the blenny. I always liken it to the old Australia where all the prisoners were sent.


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My mother-in-law banished a clam to her sump. Lets just say I found the shell. I cleaned it and it looks really pretty in my tank now. But that was gross.


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If I could I think I'd banish my leopard wrasse to my sump for a little while...she's a mean little devil!


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i banished a huge hermite crab, he kept nocking stuff over and walking all ove my zoas. he also kept finding his way onto my frag rack, nocking stuff over. he would climb to the top of the rocks, onto the powerhead, then shimmey across the cord to the power head to get to the rack!!!