Just got some Zoas and have a question....


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I am somewhat new to corals but not new to saltwater tanks. I just picked up some zoas and added them to the tank. They have bright green mouths and rims on them. I have a 46 gallon bowfront with 192 watts PC on it. My zoas are about 6-7 inches from the surface of the water. I acclimated them and I just placed them where they are going to be. They are already opening up nicely. I know I need to keep them up high with only 192 watts of PC. But do these things need to be fed any food? Should I blend some meaty foods and fed it to them with a turkey baster?


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All I have in my tank is Zoas.About ten All different sizes and color
all i do is feed my fish.These things grow like crazy.Go figure.


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The easy answer is no, they do not need to be fed. The tough questions are:

Will they accept food?
Will feeding them accelerate growth?
Will trying to feed my zoas change my water quality?

All these questions are tough to answer, but the basic question of "Do I need to feed my zoas/pays?", can be answered by two letters... NO. The rest of the questions above can only be answered by the zoa/paly keeper. You have to experiment with your tank and corals to determine a, "what happens if", situation.


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External additions of food is a secondary not a primary source of nutrients for Z's and P's. It has been well documented that the primary source of energy/nutrient is derived from good lighting, via photosynthesis, is all they need and it will sustain them perfectly. Secondary additions are ok, but not necessary. At one time I did notice a slight improvement when I fed but I discontinued that and only add external food once maybe twice a week. I feed Coral Frenzy and I do see many of my corals reacting to it.

So I guess I would say you can feed them, but you don't have to. If you do, do it in moderation. Feeding excessively, especially meaty foods can cause other spikes in your tank if a lot of the uneaten food sits and begins to decay in your tank. Excessive food/feeding will definitely change your water quality

Just my opinion.

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does the feeding induce a response that causes the zoas and palys to release excess zoozanthale and can that cause the zoas to lose color?


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Some times I feed mine. It doesn't need to be done. I am trying to feed them once a month just to see if it will induce better colors or improve growth. It has been 4 months now and I don't see any improvements. I will try every 2 weeks for 3 months, then every week. If I don't see any improvement, I will stop. Not all of them accept food. the people eaters allways do. I have to feed my LPS so it's not going out of the way.