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Just wanted to share some pics of my new tank and see if I could figure out how to do it. If you just see a bunch of garble below, sorry and bare with me.



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OK Figured this out finally! Here is where I am at to date:

Brand New!

1 Month Old


1st Fish - Yellow Tail

1st Coral


Random Other Pics




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You're off to a good start, it seems, from what you've shown. I do have a suggestion, though. From what I can see in the pics, you have water movement coming from your sump return and two powerheads that appear to be MJ(1200s). Figuring that the amount of flow from your return is about (very roughly) 450gph and the two MJs give you a total of 600gph, together, then you've got just about 14X in gph, the water volume of your tank. I suggest that you increase that to at least 25X, better yet, to 30X. Coral health, rockwork cleanliness, etc. would benefit, IMO, if you do that. And, also important in the issue of water movement is the kind of movement that you have, which is essentially coming from traditional powerheads in your system. That's not the best type, being a narrow, strong direct kind of flow that they make. I think your reef would do better if you provided a broader, more random kind of flow which more closely simulates natural conditions. There are powerheads that do that, which range from the pricey to the less costly that are widely available now so that you could easily do that. There are even low cost “wavemakers” that you can get. The least I'd recommend is that you put hydor flow deflectors


on the two MJs. They are very inexpensive and I’ve found them to be reliable and effective, even in a 120-gallon tank. They would reduce the amount of flow coming from the MJs a little, so that’s something to consider in the overall question of how to improve your reef’s water movement.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=10450503#post10450503 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by Avi
The least I'd recommend is that you put hydor flow deflectors

Good recommendation. I've used them and really loved the results. I just like my Koralia powerheads better so replaced my hydor deflector/mj combo's awhile ago. But not a bad little product.


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Looks good. The yellow tail looks very angry doesn't he? Also what kind of crab is that?
Finally holy tube worms batman, there are alot on that rock if that's what they are.


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Thanks for all of the input on the flow. I knew I would need to get additional water flow in there soon, was planning on buying another power head or two. But after your recommendations I will definitely look into some other options. I never really took the type of flow into account.

The yellow does look mean doesn't he? You should have seen him 2 weeks ago. He had a partner that was beating the life out of him. I got rid of the problem child and he has rebounded nicely. Im a little worried about how he will react to additional fish.

It is a Sally Light Foot

And yes there are a lot of tube worms. All came with the rock.