Just posted my tank in 3-d!


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Check this out I'm sure many of you saw the 3-d inaugural yesterday on tv. You'll be amazed at how easy it is do it. I just uploaded all the pics I had of my tank and created a 3-d tank picture that you can zoom in and out off and move around in.

I have a fairly new tank so it is not filled with corals yet but I have seen some of yours specially the ones on tank of the month. Would really like to see those tanks using this.

Anyway I uploaded it to a free blog I had. Post yours back on here I would like to see it.

Click on the 3-d link.

P.S. Just in case no I do not work for microsoft.


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interesting little program. It's really hard to get them perfectly 3d, including the ones voted to be 100% synth (3d). You really have to be precise about taking the pictures. It'd be an interesting experiment for me to make one, but I don't have my camera with me up at school.

Thanks for sharing your tank though :)


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carlosngloria - yes you do need to install a plugin to be able to do it but with dsl it only took about a min.

ReefWreak - I plan on taking some really precise pics soon from every angle possible and doing it over. This one was just to see if it really worked and not really thought out. Glad you enjoyed the tank.


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It was okay... nice reef, though! Don't know what I was expecting... seems like just a cool way to view the setup. Kindof like being able to look at it from different angles. I'm sure this tech is just the beginning, can't wait to see future breakthroughs!